The Death of Socrates

For thousands of years, philosophy has been held up as the highest form of thinking. It was placed on a pedestal much too high for the average person to reach. I think this is so unfortunate. I want to drag it back down to its origins. 

The Greek origin of the word philosophy means "the love of wisdom". 

When we think of philosophers most of us will conger images like the ones on the left. The truth is everyone has the capacity for great thought. All you need is the ability to think and explore a topic that seems imposable. Don't let the ideas or concepts scare you any longer. 


Let's bring back this love of wisdom. Let's explore the stuff that makes you think. The questions you have. Not the grand questions of the universe, life, or self. The everyday questions that you think are not traditional philosophy. Bring them here and make them philosophy. I will do all I can to make philosophy approachable for everyone. 

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